Shaquila Corset


Shaquila is a very exclusive but at the same time sensual and provocative corset set with extremely bold wet look material that wonderfully emphasises the figure. The corset doesn’t have boning features however has ribbon lacing at the back to tie up. The front of the corset has underwired cups with a strip of scalloped lace on the cups to sit on the chest. The shoulder straps decoratively cup the chest and can be adjusted. Down the middle of the corset sits contrasting lace which scallops open at the bottom. Wet look material has long straps sewn into the signs to act as handcuffs and to hear up things in the bedroom! Back of the corset has hoops at the bottom where the suspender straps sewn at the front of the corset are wrapped around the inner thigh placed through the golden hoop and attached to the stockings to the back. Quite a sexy feature but also very useful! Also included is a matching wet look thong.

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