Pretty Love Willie Youth Kegel Balls Remote Control


With these vibrating Willie-Youth Kegel balls by Pretty Love with remote control and 12 vibration patterns, strengthening your pelvic floor has never felt better.

These vibrating kegel balls help the user exercise pelvic floor muscles and increase sexual pleasure. They are designed to be carried inside the vagina using the pull-out cord. Start your kegel exercise by wearing the ball for a few minutes each day and extend the duration of the workout as the intimate muscles become stronger.

The wireless remote control provides a hands-free experience, allowing the user to easily and discreetly explore different vibration intensities and patterns. Explore a range of powerful vibrations and customizable settings so you can tailor your experience to your personal desires.


Made from body-safe materials, the Willie-Youth guarantees a velvety soft touch.

12 vibration modes
Memory Function
Charging time 120 minutes
Use time 60 minutes


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